Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall is in the air

I can't wait for the cool, crisp breeze of autumn; for our trips through the canyons to enjoy the beautiful view and the contrast of the blue spruce pines with the rest of the trees turning yellow, orange and red.

We like to gather red leaves and put them between a book to dry, then we can use them to decorate the house and for crafts.

(Back to reality, it's still in the upper nineties outside)

This is a table that I got some weeks ago
I like it because you can remove the legs and save space if you have a craft show, etc.

But I didn't like the look of the cheap material (plus I stained it watering my violet)
I bought a couple of yards of burlap and covered the top

Then I just hot glued the burlap around it

There you have it, no sewing required, instant new look.

Now let's get back to fall ....
I was so in the fall mood that I even baked butter and cream scones, yes baking and with 98 temperature outside, I must be crazy.
But I start decorating for fall on September 1st no matter what

What about you?
Are you ready for fall yet? 

French word of today:
Pumpkin = citrouille

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  1. I'm so not ready for fall yet Ido! I feel like I didn't get enough of the gorgeous summer I've enjoyed in the past. Speaking of gorgeous, I love how gorgeous your round burlap tablecloth is. Love that little vignette you created there. You're getting so crafty...thanks for the hot glue tip coz now I can attempt this. I cannot sew to save my live. Happy week my dear!

  2. I am ready for the cool air too! Unfortunately, it will be December before we get below 70. Your table looks great and I love that you hot glued it! My daughters used to tell their teachers that their Mom did not know how to sew but she sure could use a hot glue gun. Have a beautiful week.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year. You created a great fall vignette.

  4. My signal that fall has begun is to hear the acorns falling from the huge oak tree in the front of the house.
    We were blessed with perfect weather the last few days here in Cleveland. I love not being hot!

    Cute table, Ido! I need you to decorate my house for fall! I'd love to see what you'd come up with.

  5. I am ready! I had my first cup of pumpkin spice coffee a couple of days ago! That is my fav fall drink.

  6. Not ready for fall darling......so sad.......love from me....xxx...

  7. I am so ready for fall! I am not a hot weather kind of girl so these upper 90's temps are killing me! I just love everything about fall! Love the burlap table! Have a great week!


  8. That looks great...you did a beautiful job with the burlap!

  9. Ido, Tee Hee! I WISH that I could get a little plastic surgery! I have only been able to have the outside buffed a little bit and the irony of it all is that my husband does the anesthesia for our local plastic surgeon! You would think I would look 21 by now!!! :)

  10. I am SO ready for fall. Your burlap table cover is perfect! I especially like the no-sew part.
    Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

  11. Yes, I'm looking forward to fall air and colors, too. Your table vignette looks great for the next season. :)
    - Susan

  12. Hello Darling,
    We are dreaming of fall. However, NO where in sight…today's high was 100 degrees! EEEKKK! Thank for letting us imagine cool nights and trees changing color in the fall!

    Renee and Angela

  13. I think we both have fall on the mind! Love the burlap! xo

  14. Hi Ido,
    I am soooo ready for the fall but it's still so hot here too. Can't wait for the cooler weather. Love, love, love your autumn vignette...I have the exact same green scale too :-) Great minds, my friend :-) Anyway, the table covering...Genius! Love it. Sending you a great big hug. Stay cool.


  15. Love what you did with that table Ido!! Fabulous idea! I also love your french words for the day. Now if only they came with pronunciation too! lol

  16. I had to look where you lived, because it is still in the 90's here in Orlando. I have a couple of those tables too. One is for my Christmas tree. Yep, I love the way they store and your table cover is genius!


  17. What? a no sew project, it looks fabulous! And me too, I squeeze in some leaves and a pumpkin or two as soon as I can, but I figure Sept. 1. hey I'm ready!! thanks so much for linking up with VIF!! xo Debra

  18. Love, love the table. Perfect for the fall/harvest season.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. 98 degrees? Oh boy, sure I would love a crisp breeze ! Our Dutch summer was very wet and cold this year, so I think I am not ready for fall ...

    Love that vintage kitchen scale!

  20. Hi Ido! Thanks so much for stopping by...we LOVE fall - and decorating for fall - it's got to be the EASIEST holiday to decorate for! The store is decorated...however, we're not there yet at home - lol!! Most likely we'll get to it after our open house in two weeks :)

  21. That's a great little table cover you made! Perfect for fall. Soon enough.

  22. I love your burlap covered table, and your French word of the day, too! You would love them temps here, in the low 70's (at most) and in the 50's at night! Happy autumn!!

  23. Oh I love that! Figures I just got rid of my decorator round tables...sigh. I knew I was going to want to do something with them one day.


  24. That is exactly how I would make a tablecloth...very cute, by the way!

  25. Love.. Love.. what you've done!! and I love those peacock features!! :-)