Saturday, March 26, 2011

I learned a lot

Welcome to another Studio Sunday linking to Rebecca Ersfeld showing you another of my failed projects.

I love ballerinas, so I thought that since I can sew pillows now, I could easily sew a muslin bag.  So I dyed the muslin pink and cut it.
I had in my mind that I wanted ruffles and a ballerina silhouette, so happily singing a song I am sewing and sewing............ then oh, oh, it isn't as easy as I thought. 
First I cut the fabric in the wrong direction, I wanted the bag to have a worn feeling so I learned that you don't just cut fabric and ta-da! Fabric has "grain" like wood.  So I won't have the worn look, but the dee tee dee look.

Second, sewing ruffles, oh my! those don't look like ruffles at all. ugh! I guess there is a special "sewing machine mechanism" to make ruffles.  I am not happy, not happy at all.  
But I did learn, my next bag will be pretty, pretty.

Here is the "finished bag"

And here is the pillow matching the bag (The graphics are from "The graphics fairy".

There you have it.  Have a great sunday everyone!



  1. Hapy

  2. Ido, I think the bag is lovely even if it didn't turn out like the one in your head. No one else can see that one... only this one and I bet they love it.
    Blessings today and thank you so much for linking your wonderful blog to Studio Sunday

  3. well if that bag was a "mistake"...then i can't wait to see the one you sew to "perfection." very sweet!

  4. I agree with Rebecca and Michelle. I totally know what you mean...often what is in my head never makes the project table. lol

  5. Oh my goodness! I think it's gorgeous. I love the little rosette on the front...too cute.

  6. hey ido..thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. the english word you were looking for is "chaplet."

  7. I love your ballerina bag. I learn something ecvery time I do a project. The little flower is so lovely, too.

  8. Oh my goodness Ido! That is just the prettiest pink bag I've ever seen. It's soooo adorable and you're so creative! Oh, and I'm your newest follower dear friend.

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself Ido...Your ballerina bag turned out beautiful. Love the little fabric rose...It's certainly a job to be proud of :-) Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. Hey , I think it turned out pretty dang good !Just think what a wonderful job you'll do next time ! Every project is a learning experiance , at least it is for me. The ruffler really does make it easier , now I'm just looking for things I can put ruffles on .lol

  11. This is very pretty. I know that creative people (it often seems the most talented ones) are never fully pleased with their creations.

    If you took a bunch of these to a dance studio, they'd sell out in a heartbeat!

  12. Lovely! I was given a sewing machine recently and learning how to use it.
    WEEEEEeeeeeeee! 😳