Thursday, May 5, 2011

My booth at Kottage Kupboard show

Hello everyone! Tuesday was the set up of my booth at the Kottage Kupboard Craft show. 

Unfortunately I rented a very small space thinking that I wouldn't fill it up and it seems crowded.  Plus it's a corner booth and my ladder seems out of place.

This is my first show, so, I don't have the greatest display, but I have to start somehow.

The nice lady next to us had a huge door with glass panels, we pushed our table too much and broke her glass door, oops! I don't know if I will make enough money to pay her.

On this shelf I wanted just pink and glittery items, well, I didn't have enough, I filled it up with whatever I had on hand.

I didn't even had a space to display my business cards like I wanted, I just tossed them on the table.

 yummy smelling soaps and body butters.

Moss monogram.

Some of my best selling soaps.

I put some lavender inside this altered bottle with a poem, since I couldn't make the cork to fit, I used some fabric to cover it and the lavender smell comes out deliciously.

Love how this frame with bird turned out.

I bought these candle holders for me, but decided to bring them to the show, If they don't sell they are going in our bedroom.

Another altered bottle with lavender inside.

I will post a tutorial on this coffee filter topiary next week.

Next show (if they invite me) will have a better display, I'm gonna work on that. 

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I want to wish you all a very happy Mother's day!
Until next week mes amies!



  1. such lovely displays,, I'm so sorry you had the mishap with the glass,,I'm a newbie and found you through the link from Common Ground,,

  2. Oh wow! what wonderful things to sell you have and this is your 1st show, I am amazed love your cushions and bottles with lavender I can smell it for here.

    Love dawn xx

  3. look so so nice !!! so exciting for you.......wishing you good luck !!!

  4. Best of luck, Ido! Be sure to have some snacks on hand if you don't have anyone to cover for you. And lots of water. Shows can be grueling, so also get enough sleep.

    Till next week!

  5. I think your display looks beautiful! I really love your altered bottles, I can almost smell the lavender:) And I also love your bird motif creations, and that crown tray is gorgeous! Best of luck!!!

  6. I think your display looks fabulous, I'd love to smell some of your soaps and lavender products. Thanks for linking up for the party! XO Debra

  7. I think it looks great. We're always hardest on ourselves. Your creations are great!

  8. I think your booth looked nice. But as they say practice makes perfect. You will have it figured out in no time.
    I love the picture of the bird with the crown. That frame is wonderful!

  9. Hello Ido:) I LOVE your booth!!!! You sell wonderfully pretty things. I'll bet it was one of the best there. I am now your newest follower:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Don't be so hard on yourself Ido...Your booth looked well stocked and your items were well displayed and everything looked beautiful :-) You did a great job. Cannot wait to see the tutorial on the coffee filter topiary. Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day to you too my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  11. Can't wait to hear how you did! Sincerely, I'm more drawn to a 'crowded' booth with lots of yummy things that a sparse one. OOOHH. . . that's horrifying about the other lady's door! I hope it all works out and you have/had a great show!