Friday, August 5, 2011

"French package"

I came home from work, my son went to pick up the mail when he came back he said "are you expecting any french mail today?"

I said no, why?

"Because you got a french package"

For him, everything related to me is got to be "french"

To my surprise, it was a package from

This is how the package looked

Look at those great stickers
Love them!

Ok, ok, won't tease you anymore

Inside the packet there was this beautiful block

I love it! Now it's in a special place in our home

Alice & Jay have an antiques business in GA they are remodeling an old building.  Their displays are incredible, they are very talented and creative. Check out their beautiful blog and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Thank you Alice & Jay you are the best!


French word of today

gift = cadeau



  1. What a great present !! nice of her !...enjoy your

  2. Dear Ido,
    We will check out there blog. Beautiful!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Renee and Angela

  3. You are so so kind my sweet long distance blog friend! I hope you enjoy! Alice

  4. Hola my friend,
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful day...Love your new little decorative piece. Will have to stop by and check out Alice & Jay's blog.


  5. that block! truer words were never spoken! :)