Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall tour

Fall is officially here and one of the places that I love to decorate is my entrance aka "library"
The table where we sit to read books and do homework

Dear husband made this ladder shelf a long time ago, it used to be burgundy, but I started painting everything black, poor shelf.

Some of my silver plate items

Lots of patina on this tea set

I like this pair of guys

I like white pumpkins, but this is the only white I have.

This column needs a makeover badly

Niche by the front door

Yes, I have a mailbox inside the house, it's so french

I made this sign our of a fan blade

And last but not least, my scaredy cat.

I still have to finish decorating outside, will come back whith a tour of the living room, kitchen and front porch.

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  1. Thanks for the tour, Ido. Your decorations are so cute.

  2. Your fall touches all look so festive. It's really nice to have a change in the season isn't it? Lovely tour!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate your participation!

  3. Hi Ido,
    I love all of our silver - especially that service set that wears the veil of time so beautifully.
    Your decorations are so cute and it has me in the Fall state of mind.
    Thank you for coming over to my little world, it means so much to me.
    xo isa

  4. All looks so great !!...have a nice autumn weekend from

  5. Oooh Ido,
    Looks like you're all ready for these season. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see your kitchen and front porch. Sending you a great big hug. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. soooo much autumn inspiration here! j'adore!!

  7. Very festive. I just love the ladder, and such a neat way to decorate. Love your blog. I adore the indoor mailbox, what a nice way to hide bills...LOL
    Looks like I am your newest follower.
    Happy fall

  8. I love all your fall decorating , its my favorite season :)

  9. Oh, your ladder is the perfect place for all of your seasonal goodies! I have never had vintage shoe forms before, so I am just going to guess and price them in my booth between $6-$8 and see of they sell, if they do your .75 would be a great price!


  10. I love all of your fall-ish touches! The black ladder is an awesome backdrop to your collections. And I am drooling over your tea set! It is gorgeous, and I love the patina! You are way ahead of me, I haven't even done any fall decorating, I still have my shells sitting around, haha!! Oh, and I love your idea of repurposing a fan blade, that is genius!

  11. You are way ahead of me in your fall decorating! I only have the pumpkins that I picked up at the farmers market out so far! :) Love fall decorations!!