Friday, October 14, 2011

Apples and mums

Nothing says fall than mums and apples, (okay, pumpkins too), but today I don't want to talk about pumpkins, I want to show you some mums from my garden

I don't know how this happened, but I have red and yellow mums coming from the same plant.

We picked these gorgeous apples last weekend in Washington, right from the tree, they're delicious too.

I love how versatile mason jars are, you can do so much with them, even paint them.  I will be painting some for my front entrance on Halloween.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!!

French word of today:
Apples = Pommes


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  1. What a great colors and a lovely post today.....enjoy a happy from

  2. Very lovely, simple and sweet. Love it. I am visiting you from my friend Honey's party! Love mason jars, mums, fruit, it all just works.

  3. Hi Ido!
    Are the apples Delicious apples, besides being delicious? ;]

    Lovely setting and, yes, it's nice to not always see pumpkins in relation to fall.

  4. Love the mums in your pretty basket. I also love mason jars, and pommes, too!! Bon Soir!!

  5. What a lovely autumn arrangement! I like the idea of the candles in the mason jars. I'm going to borrow that one. X Sharon

  6. I love mums, it seems I can never keep them alive for long. I think there is an apple pie post in the near future LOL!


  7. What a pretty picnic setting Ido. Your mums are beautiful. Wishing you a gorgeous fall day...Enjoy. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I just got my Ramsign address plate in the mail...I LOVE IT! Thank you.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. What a great picnic! Your split personality mums are so pretty and the picture is like a still life painting!

    Thanks for linking up to Potpourri Friday. I appreciate your participation.

  9. You asked me a ? about cork. Craft stores carry it.


  10. Wow! Those mums are gorgeous the deep red color. And what a pretty picnic setup you have there. Oui madame, I agree, we should partner up and open a "french" theme cake shop. It'll be a hit!

  11. How did you manage to grow such magical flowers?

    That is exciting.

  12. Love your mums and your photos. So nice...

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments.

    God bless, Amy

  13. What a lovely fall vignette! So pretty and warm!

  14. Your vignette is beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thanks so much for coming by my blog and sharing what you would take. I'm so glad you haven't had to experience loss, but it is good you have a plan.


  15. I love baskets and you have put together a setting that is simple but elegant! Very beautiful...and your flowers are pretty! I may just put a candle in a jar now! ♥♥♥

  16. Looks like a picnic I want to be invited to! Love the cloth and the mason jars are a wonderful touch! Thank you so much for your visit and your kind words...they are truly appreciated.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  17. I used to take my children to apple farms in northern Georgia - it was so much fun and nothing beats a fresh apple! Love your photos!
    Hope you have a great rest of week!

  18. What a beautiful vingette you've created today for us Ido! Love the mums...there's nothing like them once fall comes, is there? We love mason jars as well...our mom used them as our drinking glasses when we were kids! Enjoy your weekend!!
    Karla & Karrie

  19. Ido, I'd like to be at this picque nique! Yellow and red are French colors too. But from the same plant? Didn't know it was possible! a lovely vignette.