Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zero budget transformation fairy tale


Once upon a time.....
..... there was an ugly little TV stand, which was hated by its owner,
its owner had no money to replace it, so, decided to transform it in to something "beautiful"
 she had craft paint, but she knew craft paint and laminate don't get along........
........she also had brown paper bags and glue on hand...... started gluing pieces of paper to the ugly cabinet........

Until she covered the whole piece, how beautiful the cabinet started to look....
..............Once she finished covering the cabinet in brown paper bags, the painting began (craft paint in color "laguna") 

After "dressing" the piece with the beautiful paint and water based stain, she added some "frenchiness" with a stencil and gold paint, and some "jewelry" that she had leftover from another piece.

Now they both will live happily ever after...........
Don't you love happy endings and zero budget transformations???

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  1. Wow! I never would have thought you could do that! Looks great!

  2. Hi Ido
    what a beautiful transformation. I love the pop of color and great stencil design. Have a wonderful weekend


  3. Great transformation! Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes let's see how we do in a couple of weeks with yoga.
    I'm doing it daily for 30 minutes. I'm doing alot of stretching first. I couldn't get over how seized up I was.
    I know in the long run how better we will both feel.
    Have a great weekend. Namasta!

  4. Look at that !!!! what a great cabinet !!! what you have done !!....great color !!! happy

  5. What a wonderful transformation!! Wonderful job Ido. Karen.x

  6. It's been a while my sweet friend. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sending you all a great big hug...By the way, your cabinet turned out awesome.