Friday, July 8, 2011

To wine or not to wine

You must be thinking by now that I'm an alcoholic.  No! I love wine, yes I do, but it's because when I hear the word wine, I think of France, Italy and elegance.  I can't really drink, at the first glass I'm already dizzy and want to go to sleep.


There is something about those wineries that I love, when we go to Colorado, on our way we find a few and we stop by for wine tasting and may be buying a bottle or two.

 I had a problem with bringing food upstairs, so I decided to make a tray that way is just one trip to the kitchen and not four. (You must be asking, what does that have to do with wine?)
 Well, I wanted my tray to look like this:
Image vie

 But instead it looks like this:

I know it's not the best painting in the world, but I'm happy with it, it has the wine theme I was going for and I made my tray "from scratch" cutting the wood and everything

French word of today:
Obviously Wine = Le Vin (le vuhn)

Have a wonderful weekend, will come back with the bedroom make over next week, until then au revoir.


  1. Hello Ido.
    I come to you and we drink together a glas of wine.Hhhhhmmmmmm. I like it. (not to much)
    You have painting good, very good.
    Have a good weekend.
    Greetings Marga

  2. Gosh Ido, you did a great job painting the tray and I can't believe you actually made the tray from scratch! Wow! I'm impressed and I'll drink a glass of wine to that. :)

  3. Yes, I'll join in!

    Here's to Ido and all of her talents!

  4. Very pretty tray Ido ! Cheers ! Sorry I don't know any French.

  5. You did a great job painting! You made the tray too!!! Wow


  6. Wow, I'm totally impressed! Not only did you do an awesome job painting your tray, but you built it yourself?! Wow, you are putting me to shame! About the only "tool" I feel confident using is a hammer! (does a glue gun count? haha!) Great job!
    Oh, what time is happy hour?!

  7. Ido, no way! You made this all yourself? Great job my friend! Have a wonderful weekend! Big hugs Angela and Renee

  8. Too Cute and fun
    Thanks for linking with me for Treasure Chest Friday
    Fabulous Treasure

  9. How can a little wine make an alcoholic! Let's have a glass of it together one day Ido. My best to you. I will not miss your postings now, I signed up to follow.