Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I did last week

Been busy, haven't had much time to finish many pending projects.
I turned this tool box in to a planter

Didn't want to paint the thing, I thought of covering it with lace

Which was very hard

Then painted  the top and front over the lace with white paint

Added some embellishments

Added some pink geraniums (I really wanted pink violets but couldn't find them) and voila!  This made a nice present for our son's godmother.

Last week was our son's 9th birthday, he wanted me to make him a snoopy birthday cake.

Please tell me he looks like snoopy or I'll cry

Richie said he doesn't look like "the snoopy from the computer" but he was still happy with it.

There was cake for the kids (strawberry) and cake for the adults (apple)

My husband cooked tacos and salsa, the kids had pizza and ice cream.  It was an exhausting day but we had a lot of fun.

what have you been doing lately?


Joining Kathleen for White Wednesday
& Voila... French Inspiration 


  1. Oh Ido,
    I think you've accomplished a lot...Cakes look so cute and Le Rose piece is awesome. Great job.

    How's the heat treating you?

    Hugs and Kisses,

  2. that is amazing,, beautiful job!

  3. I love your planter box, it turned out great! And your cakes are awesome! That most definitely is the spitting image of Snoopy! Sounds like you had a great day!!

  4. Wowwwwwwwww....that cake is sweet !!!...lovely day....xxx...congratulations!!...love Ria....xxx

  5. Ido, love the cake! I know your son must have been so happy and you should be proud. Didn’t know you had a little one. We both have eight year olds...don't they keep you busy! Great new project! Angela and Renee

  6. thankyou for visiting today and your kind words and yes I did all the art work,, the chickadees are a watercolor painting most of the others are acyrilics,,I like to keep busy,,

  7. The tool box is a clever idea...I like it. And yes, he looks like Snoopy! And the cake is too pretty to eat!!!

  8. This is so lovely! No worries about linking in the biz area of the MYBG blog party. Good thing I found your giveaway. Btw, hope that you can join us sometime in my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. You've got so much creativity and it will be great if you can share with us.

  9. That box planter is an eye catcher. Absolutely beautiful. Pinning it. Thanks for sharing.

    Saw your link on 'Homemaker on a Dime'. I am hosting my first Link-up party - Tea Time Thursdays. Would be glad to see some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see ya at the party :)


  10. Your lunchbox planter turned out so cute!