Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bedroom re-do sneak peek # 1

Well, it's not that my bedroom was ever "done" but I have this idea in my head, I want everything white (thank you ladies of blogland that taught me to love whites and creams), I have always had dark colors, dark green, burgundy, navy, black and dark woods. 

See what I mean?

This is the before, the dresser was given to me a long time ago and was missing a drawer, also wasn't painted, I painted it with a  mix of black and navy blue paint.

I found this mirror at a thrift store, I wanted something bigger and more curvy, but I've been waiting forever for a mirror and can't find exactly what I want, this one the price was right so I took it.

This is the after of the dresser.

And the after of the mirror
Remember is just a sneak peek, I will post full pictures once I'm completely done with the bedroom.  You'll be getting a lot of sneak peeks because I have a lot of projects to finish and working until the afternoon doesn't leave me a lot of spare time to work on these projects.

Have a wonderful day mes amies.



  1. Looking good so far.....can't wait to see the big reveal. Isn't it funny how our tastes change in decorating.

    Thanks for the comment on Rebecca's post. She is sooo sweet and I'm glad I got to meet her in person. I wish I could meet everyone out there:-)


  2. Great job!!! I love that white!

  3. Hmm can't wait! What a tease.

  4. looks great !!! love

  5. Oooh I cannot WAIT to see the reveal! So far so good!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments..I am following YOU too!! ;-)

  6. Those peeks look great. Looking forward to the rest.

  7. It's looking great so far ! Did you ever think about taking out another drawer and putting in lined baskets ? I think that would look neat , or have you already thought of that ?

  8. The little I can see look great. Can't wait to see your finish :-)


  9. Oh Ido,
    I love what I see so far....Can't wait to see more...Please hurry!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. I think that mirror is awesome, and so is the dresser!