Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best finds ever

We went thrifting yesterday and found the best items ever.

I was about to buy an oil lamp at Walmart because I love the smell of burned oil on rainy days (we have a lot of those in May and June)

And alas, I found this old one at an Estate Sale, it was very rusty inside where the wick goes, it gave us a hard time cleaning it and putting a new wick, but it is working now.

This butter dish is so pretty, lots of patina.

I want to bring some flowes inside the house and put them in this glass bottle, unfortunately I don't have any cutting flowers yet, weather too cold.

But the best finds ever are these two... I don't know what they are, they look like candle holders, but they have a hole through the middle.  The price, $1 a piece.

I love them!

Do you have any finds to share today?


  1. I haven't been thrifting in ages! Boo!

    You are right- you've got quite the haul. Each item is a treasure! I'll have to enjoy it through you for now.

  2. What a great things you find......lovely weekend darling....enjoy...i do the house work....and than relax ......tomorrow i must love

  3. Just a click away from Common Grounds and my 'find' is your blog! The $1 darlings are amazing.
    Come on over to and share your link if ya want.

  4. Awesome finds Ido...Hope you had a great time in Aspen. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Beautiful finds, Ido love the oil lamp and butter dish. Thanks for visiting and following me back.

  6. Lovely finds - it looks like you have two lamp bases - the oil lamp looks marvelous and I LOVE the butter dish!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Hello Ido:
    GREAT finds....I especially love the butter dish and how you have it displayed.

  8. Loving all your finds!
    Thanks for visiting and let me know if you make your own bouquet!!

  9. Love all of your treasures you found. I don't know what the green things are either but my mom has those same two. They are really pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Amy

  10. Oh, the lamp! The lamp is gorgeous. Well, so is the butter dish. ;-)
    Thanks for your kind comment at Red Hen Home!