Friday, June 17, 2011

Solid sugar scrubs

Summer is here, and with that... bare skin, strapped dresses, shorts and sandals

A friend of mine had bought some solid sugar scrubs from me before (I make natural skin care) and she loved them, so she asked me to make her some more for the summer.

These scrubs are different, they are solid, there is no jar involved, so they are eco friendly, you can take them anywhere (this is good if you're taking a plane)
The ingredients are:
Sucrose, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, coconut oil, mango butter (I switched to mango butter because a lot of people is allergic to shea butter), hydroxyethyl urea (this is a moisturizing that leaves you skin feeling hydrated, not greasy or dry), food grade colorants and fragrance or essential oils.  There are no harmful chemicals here.  Contains no soap and you won't need lotion after using a scrub.

Now let's get to the scents:
Banana coconut (this is made with extra virgin coconut oil, it has the natural coconut scent.
Chocolate, orange & spice (This is made with cocoa butter for the natural chocolate scent, also orange and clove essential oils)
Lavender (who doesn't love lavender) 
Lime (this has litsea cubeba and lemongrass essential oils)
Lavender & rose (essential oils of rose and lavender, yum!)
Lavender & Basil
Victorian Rose
Rainforest (A blend of jasmine, florals, citrus, light woods)
Stormy Nights (Blend of Heather and Hyacinth)
Pink Grapefruit
White Gardenia Flowers
Lilac in bloom
Tropical spice (blend of cinnamon, clove, rum, jasmine petals, Tahitian vanilla,  Sandalwood, musk)
Ylang-Ylang & patchouli
Spearmint, eucalyptus & ginger
Chamomille & Neroli

If anybody is interested, please e-mail me.  The price for each sugar scrub is $3.50, I also make footsies $3.75, which have the ingredients listed above plus pumice, footsies are more suitable for rough areas like heels and elbows. The minimum weight is 4 Oz.
The shipping for a flat rate box (small) is $5.20, which can hold up to 5 scrubs. 
The scrubs are freshly made when you order, they haven't been sitting on a shelf for months, they contain no preservatives at all.
 If you have a special request (different scent, ingredients or color), please don't hesitate to contact me.
I'm an honest person, if you send me a check or money order, you will receive your order (unfortunately I haven't been that courageous to start my shop on Etsy) 

Thank you and have a great day!


  1. I can smell them ....they are lying in our bathroom....owww that smell is amazing so good !!..i am so glad i won your soap !!..enjoy your

  2. Ido, I didn't know you made these!

    Let me ponder before I place my order. My hands are always frightful with either soil, paint or plaster!

  3. Sounds so nice. I am keeping this information for when I need to buy small gifts for a shower or dinner party.

  4. These sound awesome and the scents sound wonderful. Do you already have an Etsy shop? I am guessing these would sell like hotcakes on Etsy! xo

  5. Yum...I can almost smell all those yummy scents all the way over here :-) You should definitely look into opening an Etsy shop...I know you'd do great! Wishing you a wonderful new week my dear friend Ido.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. Hey,
    These look so wonderful... do you have a paypal account?
    And do you make them in white?
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  7. I wish I could buy them here, I guess sending them to the Middle East will be way too expensive.
    Your house must smell so nice, you found the perfect combinations of scents.

  8. Omigosh! How awesome are these? How wonderful for us to know you make delishus goodness like these scrubs. I will definitely contact you to try them out! Thanks Ido.

  9. Ohh I love the flavors/scents. I will have to send in an order soon. You would do great on etsy, people would LOVE them. They are so pretty and I'll bet they smell yummy too:)
    ~Debra xxx
    capers of the vintage vixens

  10. OH these are just beautiful and I have never seen a sugar scrub "bar" before! I am bookmarking and hope to place an order in the next few days!!

  11. Wow! These look amazing. The colors are so pretty, and I'm sure the scents are amazing. Thanks for your kind comment on my map chest of drawers. I am in Clearfield, so not too far from you.