Thursday, June 9, 2011

Night view

Last night was beautiful and I took some pictures of our view, this is what "We have" to look at every night and thought of sharing it with you.

I don't own a good camera, that's why the lights are blurry.

The show is even better in winter, not so many trees, more lights.
On the 4th of July we can see fireworks from home, we don't have to go anywhere, just outside, or we can watch them from inside if the evening is chilly (believe it or not, still on that day we turn on our heater in the morning).
Have a great day everyone!
Until next time.


  1. waking up early these days with the wedding to-do lists on my mind ...
    normally I sleep likle a baby ...
    thanks for all of your loyal visits in the recent past.
    I love your header.

  2. I love that beautiful view. Thanks for stopping by.Have a great day.

  3. what a view and I am so very envious of your weather!What a treat to have cool nights. It is about 105 here during the day and cools to about 80 at night! Enjoy some cool for me.

  4. Beautiful !!...have a nice weekend

  5. Awesome view! Love it! Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend...Oh, and my hubby is doing much, much better. Thank you, it was so very ♥sweet♥ of you to ask.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. What an awesome unobstructed city lights view! Wow!